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CRM Recruiting Software

JobDiva's goal has always been to improve the flow of information between the front-office divisions of recruiting organisations. The simplicity of our solution reduces the enormous costs of coordinating account activity. JobDiva enables sales and recruitment teams to work together to conclude agreements faster. The JobDiva solution retains the value of each interaction between sales people and clients, recruiters and candidates, leveraging candidates' on-line search behaviour and client-posted needs, accumulating this information so the community's value builds incrementally over time.

  • Build your network of candidates: JobDiva's CRM allows recruiters to transcend "CV farming" by developing a community of qualified, time-tested pros who can be placed in the right positions quickly. Using JobDiva's integrated email client, DivaMail, recruiters can develop personalised, high-touch communications with qualified candidates.
  • Strengthen your network of clients: JobDiva's CRM provides a standard framework for expanding new business development opportunities deep into a client's organisation. Sales people are able to access real-time clients, contact, and event data when servicing clients or developing new business.
  • With JobDiva's CRM, you can:
    • Track Relationships through Notes, Attributes, Events, To Do's, Submittals, Interviews, Hires, Sales Milestones, Sales Pipelines and more.
    • Sync all Contacts and Related Events with Calendars and Smart Phones
    • Track Contact Email
    • Manage Organisational Hierarchies
    • Set Candidate Submittal Guidelines at the Company Level That Will Flow Down to Contacts/Recruitment Managers, Jobs, etc.
    • Set Discount Structure at Company Level That Will Flow Down to Contacts/Recruitment Managers, Jobs, etc.
    • Categorise Contacts
    • Set Access Permissions to Contacts
    • Search on Configurable Sales Pipeline
    • Create and Manage User-Defined Fields
    • Create Email Marketing Campaigns
Opportunity Module
Gain a competitive advantage with JobDiva's state-of-the-art business development tool. Master your list of business opportunities from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Bring clarity and precision to sales pipeline management.

With JobDiva's Opportunity Module, you can:
  • Leverage a multi-faceted dashboard that provides true business intelligence, keeping sales teams informed and focused on their lead quality and projected revenue
  • Gain a complete and uncluttered picture of each sales opportunity's development
  • Utilise ready-to-use, off-the-shelf KPIs with further customisation capabilities
  • Track and aggregate all communications relating to each opportunity
  • Set the groundwork for better communication within your organisation
JobDiva's patented profit margin calculator, CalcuDiva, helps recruitment organisations quickly determine margins, candidate pay rates, or client invoice rates during the negotiating process.

With CalcuDiva, you can:
  • Maximize Each Contract's Profit
  • Easily Calculate Margins
  • Utilise Targeted Margins to Reach the Best Agreement
  • Negotiate the Best Invoice Rate and the Best Pay Rate
  • Account for Various Employment Relationships
  • Factor in Corporate Discounts Automatically or Manually
  • Account for Other Overheads and Expenses
Integration with VOIP Services
  • JobDiva integrates seamlessly with various VOIP solutions, including ShoreTel Sky's Cloud Phone system, Mitel, Vitel Global, Monmouth Telecom, and VoIP Office to provide Users an easier way to reach their Candidates and Contacts by phone
  • Leverage Click-to-Dial, which allows outbound calls to be placed with a click from any location in JobDiva where phone numbers are displayed
  • Receive Inbound Call Alerts displaying contact information of the caller
  • Capture details of calls with no manual entry when you click-to-dial via automatic notes
  • Measure sales, support, and operational success using Real-Time Analytics
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