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JobDiva redefines the industry standard.
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Flexible Staffing Solutions

Empowering Recruiters

Search for "Skills by Years of Experience"
JobDiva's unique, patented search engine has made us a global recruiting solution. We allow recruiters to search CVs for "skills by years of experience." JobDiva optimises your search, serving you only qualified candidates.
CV Aggregation
JobDiva provides its users access to the largest possible pool of candidates. Don't work for your data. Let your data work for you.
Mobile App
With the JobDiva Mobile App, you can access your jobs, candidates, and contacts on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android. Use our peerless recruiting software anytime, anywhere.
VMS Friendly
JobDiva automatically syncs your jobs database with your client's VMS. With JobDiva's VMS synchronisation, recruiters can act immediately when jobs open and close. They can also avoid the hassle of trying to fill a job whose information has changed without their knowledge.
New Job Requisitions
JobDiva features a data-rich job screen that's easy to set up and loaded with unique features designed to minimise recruiters' administrative work, and maximise their time.
Dynamic Email and Calendar
With its ability sync Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and all other email systems, JobDiva provides a rich set of email and calendaring functions.

Management Insight

Custom Business Intelligence and Dashboards
Visualise your data in charts, reports, and KPIs with JobDiva Custom BI. Schedule reports to be emailed to stakeholders. Share reports with recruiting managers, account managers, and back-office staff. Customise dashboards for users and management within your organisation.
All-in-One Solution
JobDiva streamlines all of your organisation's tasks and contains them within a single solution. With JobDiva, you avoid cumbersome, time-consuming integrations with third-party add-ons.
JobDiva's reporting capabilities can be scaled to manage distinct groups or departments within your organisation. Leverage JobDiva to provide reports at the individual, group, division, or company-wide level.
Flexible Staffing
If your company services industries using flexible, per diem staffing, JobDiva can help you streamline your hiring process. The Flexible Staffing module is ideal for recruitment of Healthcare professionals.

Back Office Controls

With DivaFinancials, JobDiva extends its stellar services all the way to the back office. DivaFinancials can help you manage typical back-office processes, such as time sheets, billing, account receivables and General Ledger feeds.
Electronic On-Boarding
With JobDiva's On-Boarding features, you can customise a standard library of on-boarding packages, set client packages to supplement standard packages, automatically update internal records, and much more.
Equal Opportunities and Diversity
Adhering to diversity guidelines is as easy as turning on a few options in your company's JobDiva profile.

Driving Sales

JobDiva's powerful CRM enables your entire front office staff to work from the same platform. You won't have to maintain multiple software systems!
Opportunity Module
Gain a competitive advantage with JobDiva's state-of-the-art business development tool. Master your list of business opportunities from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Bring clarity and precision to sales pipeline management.
Sync Contacts and Related Events
JobDiva automatically syncs the contacts stored in your database with Outlook and your mobile device. You can either export contacts individually or sync all contacts between JobDiva and Outlook.
Search on Configurable Sales Pipeline
With JobDiva, you can assign every contact a sales milestone level. This list is searchable, so you can generate a filtered list of contacts with just a few clicks.
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