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JobDiva Tool Recognizes the Statements of Work Module
New Feature to Support Distinct Billing Scenarios.

NEW YORK, NY - (November 17, 2015) - Today JobDiva Inc.® (, the leading global Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management solution, announces the capability to create Statements of Work (SOWs). This feature complements JobDiva's robust suite of billing systems.

JobDiva understands that our clients utilize SOWs more and more as they become more prominent in the modern business landscape. This module greatly enhances our clients' ability to manage the complexity of tracking revenue through SOWs. Now, our clients will avoid the hassle of missing change work orders and maturity dates. They will be able to create SOWs that are commensurate with the terms of their deals.

At JobDiva, we strive to create a holistic experience for our clients. This feature covers front-end and back-end functionality that complement the current processing of Purchase Orders, Timesheets and Expenses. It also enhances Financial Reporting and Resource Management. For teams working with SOWs, this addition will allow for a simple and seamless transition.

"Statements of Work have always been integral to the temporary labor market, especially for sole sourced and specialty projects. We want to give JobDiva Users the tools to adapt rapidly and smoothly to SOW management, should they need it," said Emily Clark, JobDiva's product manager.

Redefining the standard for cutting edge technology and innovation, JobDiva is the leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, serving more than 17,000 global staffing professionals who support Fortune 500 clients. A powerful cloud solution, JobDiva combines a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, automated 24/7 resume harvesting, a Mobile App and the largest resume database in the world to deliver staffing solutions with unmatched speed and precision. JobDiva offers more patent-protected features than any other solution on the market, including the unique ability to search resumes for "skills by years of experience." Continually recognized by both industry experts and clients, JobDiva has received numerous awards, including '2014 Cloud Company of the Year,' '2014 Best Employment Mobile Application' and '2014 Best Computer Software Mobile Application'. For more information, visit Follow JobDiva on Twitter at @DivaDude. Request a demo here.

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