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JobDiva Releases Its Native Texting Solution, DivaBuzz

NEW YORK, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JobDiva is proud to announce the release of JobDiva's native texting platform, DivaBuzz.

As the leading global provider of Applicant Tracking, Talent Management and Customer Relations Management solutions, JobDiva stands at the leading edge of what is possible in recruiting technology—and, with JobDiva innovating the way forward, communication tools are set to advance at a rapid pace. As such, DivaBuzz will be a major new advantage for JobDiva clients.

Of course, JobDiva still integrates with several external texting services: Clickatell, TextUs and Icetrak. Nonetheless, DivaBuzz has been designed by JobDiva to meld with JobDiva's suite of solutions, smoothly complementing these award-winning tools. With the introduction of DivaBuzz, JobDiva's texting module evolves into a more dynamic workspace for today's recruiting professional.

JobDiva's user community has found, already, that candidates appreciate being able to respond to texts at their convenience, rather than answering calls. Happier candidates—candidates who feel cared for and about—lead to a stronger brand for recruiting organizations, and thus to more satisfied clients.

"We at JobDiva are immensely excited about the opportunities afforded by DivaBuzz," said Yana Nigen, JobDiva's Chief Marketing Officer. "Having an in-house texting service gives our clients a 'leg up' over the competition. This is fast, reliable, seamless texting from a central location."

JobDiva—recently named a "Pacesetter" among Applicant Tracking Systems on Software Advice's FrontRunners report for 2018—is changing the conversation around what staffing platforms can and should offer their customers. Whether accessed from web browsers or mobile devices, DivaBuzz flows into JobDiva's broad canvas of recruiting, management, reporting and back-office systems.

To learn more about DivaBuzz, and JobDiva's platform more generally, click here.

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