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JobDiva Introduces Workforce Management Dashboards

NEW YORK, NY - (Marketwired - May 23, 2016) - Today JobDiva Inc., the leading global Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management solution, brings groundbreaking transparency to workforce management. JobDiva's customizable assignment dashboards complement JobDiva's robust Business Intelligence features, and introduce efficiency and clarity between our users' front and back offices.

JobDiva understands that the business of staffing is about people. JobDiva users can receive current summaries of their current workforce allocation and distribution across their client base. JobDiva's dashboard tools provide tidy summaries of client relationships, allowing users to instantly recognize downward and upward trends in receiving jobs, getting hires and total billing.

JobDiva is committed to providing our users real-time understanding of their workforce landscape and tools to analyze the robustness of their business relationships, with as much broadness or specificity as the user requires. Innovative sharing mechanisms also empower managers to provide configurable, goal-oriented score boards to individuals or groups, fostering a healthy sense of competition and helping managers identify top performers.

"Visualizing data instantly generates a narrative that people can understand. You shouldn't have to be a genius at Excel to prevail. For us, it's about taking technical burdens off of the users and giving them the time and the tools to connect meaningfully with people," said Emily Clark, JobDiva's head of Product Management.

About JobDiva

JobDiva is the leading global Applicant Tracking System and front-to-back Talent Management solution, redefining the standard for cutting-edge technology and innovation, serving more than 20,000 global staffing professionals who support the Fortune 500. A powerful cloud solution, JobDiva combines a CRM, synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, a Mobile App and the largest resume database in the world to deliver staffing solutions with unmatched speed and precision. JobDiva offers more patent-protected features than any other solution on the market - including the unique ability to search resumes for "skills by years of experience." Continually recognized by both industry experts and clients, JobDiva has received numerous technology as well as staffing industry awards. For more information, visit Follow JobDiva on Twitter at @DivaDude.

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